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“Cornell and I have developed a professional relationship over  the past year in a coaching situation and in parallel functions. I  find him to be very insightful and intuitive. He has motivated me  to increase my professional performance by showing ways in  which I can focus my efforts to become a more efficient and  positive in all of my projects. I would certainly recommend him as  a coach, mentor, and role model.”   Karen, Nurse Educator
Achieving Quality You can’t buy better quality. Throwing more money at your problem is not the solution. But here’s the rub, you can’t cut your way there either. So what do you do? It begins with infrusturcture. Quality is the result of the systems that are designed for achieving long-term results that build a learning organization. Your systems must support the right processes that produce the right results. Quality involves adding value to your partners, vendors and staff  by continually engaging and deveolping their compenencies and skills. Finally, quality is produced in an environment where blame is absent. Lead people. Manage processes. Solving the root cause of problems increases organizational learning and drives excellence. Start your journey to execellence and quality today by downloading our FACET Self- Assessment tool here.
By investing in quality and organizational excellence your organization can eliminate waste, reduce errors, increase quality, Improve safety, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty while reducing costs and growing market share. The knowledge, tools, and skills that we deploy are internationally recognized by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), the American Society of Quality (ASQ), the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME),  and the Shingo Prize Institute. Whether you are looking for a coach, a consultant or training, Colbert Seminars offers a wide range of innovative programs and organizational execellence solutions.                    ~ Cornell Colbert, MS, LBC, CMQ/OE, CPHQ
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