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“Cornell is the consumate professional operator! His detail orientation, exceedingly high standards and lean management execution make him truly exceptional!” Steve Bigari, CEO, Stellar Restaurant Solutions
Safety First Are your employees safe? Is your environment safe? Are your customers safe? Do you have the right policies, procedures and processes in place to promote safety? What does it mean to have a safety culture? Your safety culture should include six key performance indicators (KPI). These indicators include leadership/culture, structure, people, processes, environment, and technology/equipment.  Whether you are in healthcare, foodservice, retail or another business, safety is a key performance indicator.  With increased oversight from entities such as OSHA, CMS and the Joint Commission, safety  can mean the difference between operational success and failure. Let us help you with design and audits to your safety program.
Lack of structure and process is the number one reason for safety program failure.  The application of systemic safety protocols is a valuable tool for the future of any business operator that wants to better understand how to increase over all operational efficiencies, quality, safety and profits! Contact us today for a free safety walk- through. Cornell Colbert, MS, LBC, CMQ/OE, CPHQ
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