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Cornell has led his team to achieve process improvement results through a variety of Lean tool applications. These results include facilitating a team effort to redesign the production line which resulted in delivery times that were previously thought impossible due to the constraints of the facility. In addition, Cornell has done the much more difficult job of successfully creating a Lean culture evident by high employee engagement and satisfaction, daily Kaizen and excellent customer satisfaction scores.” Juana Werner, Operations Architect, Quality, Lean and Agile Expert
Building Successful Organizations The research is clear: 1 out of 2, that’s 50%, of leaders are ineffective and failing. This is not due to a lack of competencies. Even graduates from ivy league institutions struggle with professional performance. With leadership changes on average of twice every two years, reliance on individual leaders can undermine organizational stability and growth towards excellence. Organizations cannot succeed under these conditions. Building organizational wide  systems and processes that promote the continuity of success is critical.
Colbert Seminars, LLC wants you to have the tools you need to aid you in achieving Organizational Execellence. We offer our tools free of charge to your healthcare organization to aid you in meeting the goals of the Triple Aim of Healthcare: to increase the patient experience, to improve population health, and to reduce per capita costs. All of these goals can be attained by improving organizational execellence. Our featured tool ths month is our change management tool. Contact us if you need  assistance in implementing the tool in your organization.             ~ Cornell Colbert, MS, LBC, CMQ/OE, CPHQ
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